Apr 1, 2019
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How to Unlock It

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Some Risk of Rain 2 players are certain to have come across a timed chest on Rallypoint Delta during their time with Hopoo Games’ new multiplayer rogulelike shooter. As many are likely to expect, unlocking Risk of Rain 2‘s timed chest requires that players reach it before its timer runs out, and this task should be easily completed with a few simple tips.

How to Unlock Risk of Rain 2’s Timed Chest

In order to unlock Risk of Rain 2‘s timed chest, those playing single player will need to reach the cache in 10 minutes, while those playing multiplayer will have 15 minutes to do so. To meet this timeline, players should simply make unlocking the timed chest the primary objective of their run, taking care not to get too distracted by things like getting Risk of Rain 2‘s…

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