May 23, 2019
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All the Anniversary 2019 Legendary Skins

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Overwatch‘s Anniversary 2019 event is now live, giving players the chance to collect basically every skin in the game as well as participate in all of seasonal game modes from the game’s past events. In addition to past skins, the Anniversary 2019 event for Overwatch also adds six new legendary skins to the game for players to collect, with each costing 3,000 coins.

Five of the six characters to get new legendary skins for the Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event are characters who were in the game at launch. Brigitte is the only post-launch Overwatch character to get a legendary skin as part of the event. However, there are lower-tier skins for other characters on the roster.

So far, it seems that the most popular Anniversary 2019 event skin in Overwatch is Gargoyle Winston….

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