May 4, 2019
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Rage 2 Has Gone Gold Ahead of Release Date

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Rage 2 is most certainly one of the most anticipated games of 2019. With previews displaying a colorful presentation, explosive gameplay, and a lethal post-apocalyptic wasteland, Rage 2 has many promising elements for a riotously enjoyable first-person shooter. Now, just 11 days away from the game’s release, Rage 2 has officially gone gold.

As announced on its official website, Rage 2 publisher Bethesda enthusiastically states that the game has gone gold. In its blog post, Bethesda add that, given all the hype generated by events for the game, the announcement of Rage 2‘s NBA Jam announcer pre-order bonus, and other forms of appetite-whetting, “It’s clear the fun is just getting started, with less than a month to go before our hot pink global takeover.”

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