Jun 10, 2019
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Proximity Grenade Launcher coming soon to Fortnite

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The newest Fortnite weapon is close to its release! The in-game Fortnite newsfeed is beginning to be updated with the new Proximity Grenade Launcher.

Epic Games just released the newest item, Storm Flip, into Fortnite with the v9.20 patch…and now it’s already time for more!

The next weapon coming to Fortnite is the Proximity Grenade Launcher and its official reveal has begun. The newsfeeds around the world are starting to receive an update declaring the launcher’s imminent arrival.

Proximity Grenade Launcher Newsfeed

Before the release of each new item or weapon for Fortnite, Epic Games releases an image and tagline for the item. This can be seen by all players in the game’s newsfeed.

The Proximity Launcher has begun to appear in newsfeeds in certain regions. The full deployment of…

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