Jun 18, 2019
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Fallout 76 Battle Royale Beta Extended Indefinitely

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During its E3 press conference last week, Bethesda announced a number of new additions and updates coming to Fallout 76 as well as a free trial period for the game that is set to end today. If getting a chance to try the game out for free wasn’t enough, Bethesda revealed its Nuclear Winter mode, the game’s own take on the battle royale genre. While the mode was considered to be a “beta sneak-peek” during the trial period, it doesn’t look like battle royale and Fallout will be parting ways anytime soon.

Thanks to the positive reception Fallout 76‘s Nuclear Winter has received since the start of the free trial period, Bethesda has announced it’s decided the battle royale mode will remain online indefinitely. In Nuclear Winter, 52 players are forced to fight for…

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