Jun 9, 2019
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FIFA 20 Introduces FIFA Street-Style Game Mode VOLTA

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Football fans who tuned in to EA Play earlier today got their first look at FIFA 20, and it may have given veteran FIFA fans a wave of nostalgia: EA Sports is putting in a FIFA Street-style game mode called VOLTA. The new game mode will allow fans to build up their own squad, progress through a new story mode, jump into kick-off games, and test their mettle online in a league-based system that has promotion and relegation.

The game mode is a spiritual successor to FIFA Street, which last appeared as a standalone title in 2012. The name of the new game mode means “return” in Portuguese, and this one was about seven years in the making.

Players who hop into FIFA 20‘s new game mode will be able to design their own male or female footballer and take them into street matchups,…

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