Jun 7, 2019
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Nickmercs knows how Epic Games should punish XXiF

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XXiF cheated his way into a Fortnite World Cup Finals spot in Week 3 of the qualifiers. Now, in Week 8, he managed to qualify again…Nickmercs has thought of the perfect punishment.

The story of XXiF should have been over when he was caught for cheating in the Week 3 qualifiers. But, instead, Epic Games only gave the player a 14 day ban and let him reenter the competition.

In Week 8, the player and his duo partner managed to qualify for the Finals. Again, XXiF seems to have done so under suspect conditions as he has been accused of using the same cheating tactics again.

Nickmercs thinks of elaborate punishment

Nickmercs has been vocal about the XXiF situation since the very beginning and has called the cheater several choice names. He has also now come up with the perfect plan to stick…

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