Jun 24, 2019
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Rocket League Championship Sets Record for Longest Wave

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On Sunday, June 23, the Season 7 Rocket League World Championship came to a close with Renault Vitality taking home the trophy after besting G2 Esports. With this win, the Rocket League Esports Twitter account indicates that Renault Vitality “writes themselves into esports history,” but that was not the only history that was made during the event, as a dedicated crowd put their minds towards a monumental task: breaking a world record.

The world record in question is that for the longest wave, which clocked in at 17 minutes 14 seconds prior to the aforementioned Rocket League event. While most sports fans will be quite familiar with the wave, for the uninitiated, it is a group undertaking that requires a crowd to sit and stand in successive groups, creating the effect of…

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