Jun 29, 2019
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Russian Government Thinks Metal Gear is US Intelligence Project

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The Metal Gear franchise is known for its espionage action, globe-trotting storylines, political undertones, and over-the-top absurdity. We know that the games were developed in Japan at Konami by Hideo Kojima for entertainment purposes, but members of the Russian government believe Metal Gear is actually a project by United States Intelligence to sow civil unrest in the country.

This claim comes from Russian Deputy Defense Minister Andrei Kartapolov, who said, “On the Internet, projects of the American special services, such as Metal Gear and RuNet Echo are being implemented, aimed at direct manipulation of public consciousness and especially young people.” Kartapolov believes that Metal Gear is meant to encourage protesting and convince young people that they are dissatisfied with the Russian government.

As many gamers know, this premise doesn’t make sense for a wide variety of reasons. Chief among these is that, as previously stated, the Metal Gear series is…

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