Jun 15, 2019
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Where to Find the Ice Cave

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In past Fortnite Seasons, players only had to be on the lookout for secret battle stars. However, Fortnite Season 9 adds a brand new collectible for battle royale players to hunt down in the form of Fortbytes. There are a dozens of Fortbytes hidden around the battle royale map, with players gaining access to their clues as the season progresses.

One of the latest Fortbytes in Fortnite is Fortbyte 49. The clue to find Fortbyte 49 is “Found in Trog’s Ice Cave.” Veteran Fortnite players may only need the clue to go by, but those who are less familiar with the game’s battle royale map might need a little more direction if they hope to find Trog’s Ice Cave.

Trog, for the uninitiated, is Fortnite‘s version of the abominable snowman, and since he lives in an ice cave,…

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