Jul 13, 2019
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Gears 5 Boss Corrects the Record on Smoking Censorship

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The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson took to Twitter to correct the record regarding a controversy stemming from the decision not to include smoking or tobacco products in Gears 5. A report released this past Friday claimed that The Coalition was removing instances of smoking from Gears 5 after consulting with nonprofit tobacco control organization Truth Initiative. The truth, according to Fergusson, is that there was never smoking in Gears 5 in the first place.

Fergusson’s message is direct, “I’ve always been anti-smoking and have pushed back on having it in Gears since day 1.” He explains that there is no smoking in Gears 5 and that there never has been. He adds that this goes all the way back through Gears of War 4. Smoking was at times shown in early Gears, prior to Fergusson taking over, but since then he’s made a firm stand. “I don’t want to contribute to the continued normalization of smoking,” he makes clear, adding that the game shouldn’t…

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