Jul 16, 2019
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Fortnite Fortbyte #21 Found in a metal llama building

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With yet another Fortbyte challenge, we’re before the completion of the challenges. However, before we get to an end, let’s find the Fortbyte #21, which is hidden at a single location. According to the hint, Fortbyte #21 is located in a metal llama building, and there’s only one of those on the Fortnite island.

Well, the metal llama is located just north of Junk Junction (do not worry we’ll place an image of the map with a highlight of the exact positioning). This makes the llama extremely easy to find, and within that llama, there’s a Fortbyte.

What would make this challenge easier is that no one will be eligible of getting weapons after dropping there, as only 1 or 2 chests could be found inside the llama? But, their spawn rate does not guarantee a 100% spawn, which means you could have a good run for the Fortbyte.

Check the image below to see where the metal llama is located:

Important Tips:

  1. Land on the llama’s back
  2. Go through the white door
  3. Collect the…

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