Jul 23, 2019
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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Glitch Allows Four-Spider-Man Showdown

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There are few things that are better than Spider-Man, but you know what definitely is? FOUR SPIDER-MANS…or should that be Spider-Men?

A glitch in the recently-released Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has been discovered thanks to the teamwork of YouTuber Xiphos Gaming and Reddit users ShinobiSekiro and GaijinGhost, and it means that you can harness the ultimate power of your favourite hero for an unforgettable experience.

Credit: Team Ninja

Whether you want to be a team of four Spider-Men duking it out for glory, or if you’d rather be four Captain Americas or four anything you like, your dreams are now a reality.

All you need to do to make it happen is start up a solo challenge in Infinity trials mode. Your solo challenge starter is the one you’ll be able to make multiples of.

Fail the challenge, return to the lobby, and replace your first-slot character with another.

Credit: Team Ninja

Again, start a challenge and fail.

Your lineup team will now show two of your original character,…

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