Jul 24, 2019
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Loot Boxes Are ‘Not Gambling,’ Says UK

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The UK has offered up its stance on loot boxes in gaming, weighing in on whether or not they’re an unregulated form of gambling.

Countries across the world, including Belgium, are making their opinions clear when it comes to purchasable randomised game content, and it seems more and more are looking to censor or even remove loot boxes from games published in their regions.

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Unlike Belgium, the UK has decided that loot boxes can’t be considered as gambling [via BBC]. The UK gambling watchdog has declared to MPs that as there’s no way to monetise what’s found inside loot boxes, they don’t fall under gambling legislation.

Gambling Commission chief executive Neil McCarthur recently spoke about the “significant concerns” held around young adults and children who play games which feature chance elements, or the opportunity to part with real-life money.

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With the way the UK’s current legislation works, it does not classify as gambling.


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