Jul 24, 2019
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Solstice of Heroes Event Adds New Area, Available July 30

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Destiny 2 is reviving one of its most controversial events of the past, Solstice of Heroes, on July 30 through Aug 27.

However, this time around, Bungie has made some well-needed changes to the event to excite fans for the second go-around of the Solstice of Heroes. The video below details some of the new events and items that players can look forward to in the coming week before it releases.

With Shadowkeep right around the corner, the armor that Solstice of Heroes brings with it would typically become obsolete once the expansion is released, but Bungie has decided to offer a unique solution to anyone who grinds for the new armor in this event.

Solstice of Heroes will be based around the three elemental powers (Arc, Solar, and Void) and offer events each day that allow players to collect orbs to upgrade armor. Collecting 30 of these orbs will let players enhance their Solstice of Heroes gear from being “drained” to “renewed” to empower it to its fullest strength.

If players…

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