Jul 9, 2019
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Control’s Fantastic First 13 Minutes Get Shown Off

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Remedy brings the odd in the opening of Control.


Remedy’s Control is shaping up to be quite something. We’ve been covering it since its reveal, and with the more you peel back, the stranger it seems to get. We’ll have a full interview with the developers very soon (of which you can get a peek of here and here), but in the meantime, you can enjoy the opening of the game and, boy, is it something.

Provided via IGN, you can check it out below. We’ve detailed how very odd the game is, and the first 13 minutes certainly helps back that up. It’s a mishmash of surreal imagery, character interactions that aren’t quite right and things that should be mundane decidedly not being mundane at all. It really sets the tone that we’ve seen from some gameplay footage not too long ago. It’ll be a strange one, but definitely one to keep your eye on.

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