Jul 12, 2019
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Gears 5 Reveals New Multiplayer Map Training Grounds

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Like many multiplayer-focused game series, the Gears of War franchise has long been part of the map design discussion for its uniquely symmetrical maps and tight corridors conducive to intense firefights. Just ahead of Gears 5‘s multiplayer tech test, a video was posted to YouTube of one of the highly-anticipated sequel’s multiplayer maps, called “Training Grounds.”

Thus far, few maps in Gears 5 have been unveiled, but the video uploaded today guides players through the Training Grounds map, which appears as is implied in the name. Training Grounds seems to be what has likely been a military training facility for the Gears to be tested for battle.

As was the case with the trailer for Gears of War 3‘s Academy map, the recently-posted video for Gears 5 offers a wide variety of angles of the map, from close-ups to wide shots illustrating the layout. Training Grounds seems to be primarily exterior, as there are no interior areas shown. There are tight hallways, but they…

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