Jul 11, 2019
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Modern Warfare’s New Mode ‘Gunfight’ To Be Showcased Tomorrow

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is sounding like a breath of fresh air for the iconic CoD franchise.

Not only are we being promised darker, grittier and more realistic storylines, but we’re also expecting some changes to the gameplay. Thankfully, Activision isn’t keeping us totally in the dark on that point, as a new gameplay mode is about to be revealed.

Credit: Activision

‘Gunfight’ is a brand-new multiplayer mode that’ll be a part of Modern Warfare, and developer Infinity Ward has teased that we’ll be able to get our first look at it tomorrow.

According to the developers, Gunfight will be a 2v2 multiplayer mode that promises fast-paced action.

Credit: Activision

It’ll be shown off to the world in just a few hours’ time, courtesy of some pro gamers including ProSyndicate.

“We’re excited to announce that @LEGIQN, @ProSyndicate, @TylerTeeP, and @CouRageJD will be streaming live from the studio to debut Gunfight, a new, fast-paced, 2v2 multiplayer mode in #ModernWarfare!…

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