Jul 22, 2019
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Play! Pokemon Events and Tournaments Locator

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The Play! Pokemon program allows you to meet Pokemon fans in your community, win cool prizes, play in events that take place all year and have fun. These events are the best locations for the ones that want so badly to prove to others that they are the best. These special events are hosted by stories or community leaders approved by The Pokemon Company.

The official Pokemon website has the Event Locator that enables other players to search for upcoming tournaments near their current location. The basic search asks for the country, postal code and city in order to give accurate information. When that is done, you can narrow down the search between 10 and 250 miles.

The next step is to specify which type of event you are looking for. The results can vary depending on what the searcher’s preferences are. This search engine provides info on local leagues, big tournaments, and Premier Events. The last thing the user could do is to sort by distance or by date. This is the simplest…

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