Jul 19, 2019
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Why Destiny 2 Is Not Making Subclass Trees More Customizable

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An early criticism of Destiny 2 when the game launched in September 2017 was about the new subclass trees with fans of the first game calling it an oversimplification of the original game’s leveling options. It was one of many complaints leveled at the game early on which led to an overall accusation that Bungie made the game more for the casual player rather than for hardcore fans.

For the past two years, the feeling has not changed much about Destiny 2‘s subclass trees, which consist of four locked-in perks. While much of the game has become more complex over the past two years, nothing has been done regarding making the perk selection of the subclasses more robust. Unfortunately, any fans hoping that this fall’s Shadowkeep would finally change that will still be left waiting.

According to Destiny franchise director Luke Smith, who spoke to Polygon, the criticism has been heard, but the developers decided to focus their efforts on the new Armor 2.0 system coming this…

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