Jul 23, 2019
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World Iceborne Gameplay Trailer Shows Acidic Glavenus in Action

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Today Capcom released a brand new trailer of its upcoming Monster Hunter: World expansion Iceborne, featuring the Acidic Glavenus.

The Acidic Glavenus is one of the new subspecies recently revealed by the developers, able to debuff players and to sharpen its tail for ferocious katana-like attacks.

You can check it out in action below, and see if you find this new raptor-like critter intimidating.

This is how Capcom describes Acidic Glavenus in a short official blurb:

“Boasting more precise control of its tail and corrosive sulphuric acid debuffing abilities, this subspecies will test all aspects of your hunting skills and readiness.”

The addition of the basic Glavenus itself was revealed just a couple of weeks ago, as Capcom introduced the subspecies and the new gathering hub named Seliana.

If you want to see more, you can also enjoy the first look at the Nargacuga, BeotodusDirewolfBlack DiablosOdogaron and GirrosRathian, and Legiana’s armor sets.

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