Aug 6, 2019
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Giovanni is Photobombing Pokemon GO Snapshots in Yokohama

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Pokemon GO Fest Yokohama is already under way, and it features tons of Pokemon just waiting to be caught. Players have encountered Chatot, Unown, Pikachu and Eevee wearing special hats, and even the mythical Jirachi. However, an uninvited and infamous guest decided to crash the party

Earlier today, Twitter user YAMADA_N_Domo posted a picture of a Sneasel. Unlike most Pokemon GO snapshots, an in-game character photobombed the picture, but instead of a Smeargle, this mystery photobomber was none other than Giovanni, the leader of Team (GO) Rocket. YAMADA_N_Domo’s reaction, an incredulous “What! ? ! ? ! ?”, sums up the unexpected situation perfectly.

YAMADA_N_Domo’s encounter was not a one-off event, however. Twitter users such as shabon0001, angelmuse, and mi_mna8 responded with their own pictures of a photobombing Giovanni. The Pokemon fan site has also corroborated these reports.

This isn’t the first time a member of Team GO Rocket edged in on a Pokemon GO…

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