Aug 13, 2019
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Our picks for the Top 5 Gliders in Fortnite history

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Gliders are an often overlooked piece of Fortnite cosmetics due to Outfits making up the majority of the playspace, but many are more than worth their price.

Fortnite cosmetics come in all shapes and sizes with a gigantic collection of Outfits, Gliders, Back-Blings, Wraps, and more. While we love a hefty amount of these items, the best of best deserve special mentions.

In order to draw attention to and give credit, we’ve decided to put together our top 5 gliders & Victory Royale umbrellas. These are our opinions and so your own choices may very wildly from ours. Many of the choices come from the pricier end of Item Shop spectrum.

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5. Deep Space Lander – Epic – 1200 V-Bucks

Deep Space Lander

Space. The final frontier for humanity to explore and conquer will never stop intriguing the explorer within us all. The design for the Deep Space Lander creates a great replica of the classic space shuttles of the 2000s. It’s a shame that the costs of the…

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