Aug 28, 2019
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Man of Medan Launch Trailer Goes Heavy on Scares

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Man of Medan is on the cusp of its release, and Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a launch trailer to hype players up for the spooky times ahead of them.

Streamed through the company’s official YouTube account, the trailer sees the Dark Pictures Anthology’s narrator wandering through the halls of an unknown location. Screams can be heard from several directions, to which he pays no attention save for a glance.

As he passes a picture on the wall, it moves into cutscenes from Man of Medan. Gathered for a weekend of fun, five friends find themselves caught in a nasty storm at sea and assailed by cloaked figures.

Seeking refuge, they board an abandoned ship, only to find that the paranormal threats within pose a far greater danger to them than they could have realized.

Whether they survive the ordeal or not, though, comes down to the player, and how quickly they can…

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