Aug 23, 2019
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5 Most Impressive Games Shown During Gamescom 2019

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If this cool-looking raccoon-like character wielding a big sword looks familiar to you, it’s because Biomutant was originally announced in 2017, but we really haven’t seen much of the open world, third-person action game until now.

THQ Nordic live-streamed a lengthy portion of the game during Gamescom this week and even though the game seems to be in a weird spot in development, the combat looks brilliant and the developer is promising some pretty customizable options that make each playthrough different from the next.

Everyone plays as the same little raccoon, but you can customize its weight, gender, fur length, and much more with all options affecting the gameplay.

A heavier character will be slower but will cause more damage for example. And a lighter character will be faster but damage output will be lower –it’s quite ambitious.

We still…

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