Aug 6, 2019
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Female Streamers Are Not Happy With Mixer’s Dress Code

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Mixer is the only streaming platform people are talking about right now (sorry, Twitch) after Fortnite streamer/superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins jumped ship to stream exclusively on the Microsoft platform.

As more and more people follow Ninja onto the site, some of Mixer’s policies have started to be called into question, specifically, its clothing rules.

Credit: Ninja

Mixer has some pretty strict rules about what streamers can and cannot wear when recording their content, and it’s riled up a lot of people who find the rules to be “misogynistic.”

Some of the rules include not wearing strapless clothes if you’re streaming to certain age groups and also dictate how much cleavage can be shown.

Credit: Pixabay

For reference, Mixer’s rules would suggest that the following image, of the Obama family meeting the prime minister of Singapore, would only be allowed on an 18+ stream (thanks @ARMTOAST).

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