Aug 28, 2019
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Meet the Voice Actors of Man of Medan’s Voice Cast

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As we move into the very busy fall release period with Control and Astral Chain, Man of Medan marks the beginning of Supermassive’s Dark Pictures anthology. The game’s voice cast features a load of actors that you’ll know well, and some newcomers. In case you recognize them and want to know who they are, here’s everything you want to know about who the voice actors of the Man of Medan voice cast are.

Voice Actors of Man of Medan Voice Cast

Shawn Ashmore – Conrad

Releasing during the same week as Remedy’s new game, the star of their last game, Quantum Break is starring in something else. Shawn Ashmore, who played Jack Joyce in the game before Control, plays Conrad in Man of Medan. However, Ashmore is best know for his role in the X-Men universe. He has played Bobby Drake/Ice Man since the first game in 2000, working on the video games…

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