Aug 9, 2019
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The Colony, Shards of Galanor, Chromatic Fire

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Some intriguing Exotics and a strong weapon for PvP are on sale this week.

Destiny 2 Xur

It’s a new weekend for Bungie’s Destiny 2, which means Exotic vendor Xur has returned. He’ll be on Nessus near the barge so drop by and see what he’s selling. Xur will depart once the weekly reset arrives so there’s plenty of time.

The Exotic gear this week includes ACD/0 Feedback Fence (Titan gloves), Chromatic Fire (Warlock chest) and Shards of Galanor (Hunter gloves), each for 23 Legendary Shards. Shards of Galanor returns Super energy with Blade Barrage hits and kills but suffered some rather hefty nerfs. It’s still worth picking up though. Chromatic Fire might be useful for Warlocks since it basically creates an elemental explosion with precision Kinetic kills.

However, the weapon this week is well worth checking out. It’s the Exotic grenade launcher The Colony, which fires…

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