Sep 11, 2019
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Pokemon Go Halved Egg Distance Bonus

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The second week of the Ultra Bonus rewards are now live and players around the world have one week to take advantage of the halved hatch distance bonus and hatch as many Eggs as possible.

The following rewards will be active until September 16, except the Regional Kanto Pokemon which will continue to hatch until September 23:

  • Kanto Regional + their shiny forms from 7KM Eggs
  • All Deoxys’ forms
  • Half Egg distance

These rewards are great, and we recommend to focus on the halved Egg distance. Our advice is to keep your free Incubator active and turn Adventure Sync on. If you want to lower the egg distance, you can use the Super Incubator. The more you hatch eggs, the bigger the chances of hatching Shiny Pokemon are.

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus Week 2 Half Egg Distance

  • 2km Eggs Incubator distance is 1km > 0.65km with Super Incubator;
  • 5km Eggs Incubator distance is 2.5km > 1.65km with Super Incubator;
  • 7km Eggs Incubator distance is 3.5km > 2.3km with Super Incubator;
  • 10km Eggs Incubator…

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