Oct 25, 2019
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Before you Buy: All ‘Final Reckoning’ skins in-game

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Epic has released their newest bundle, ‘The Final Reckoning.’ Take a look at these new skins in-game before you buy.

The newest Fortnite bundle, called ‘The Final Reckoning’ is in the shop right now. You can buy the Catrina, Willow, and Blacklight outfits together for $17.99 USD.

This pack is a couple of dollars cheaper than some of the others we’ve seen, which means it’s a pretty good deal if you like the skins. The only problem, however, is that there’s no way to preview the skins before you buy the pack.

Thankfully, you can check out these skins before you buy them from some players who already have their hands on them.

It helps to know what these skins and back bling options look like in-game before committing to spending $18 on them. Whether or not they’re worth the price will depend on how you feel about each of them.

Personally, I’m going to skip this bundle. The skins are awesome – especially the Willow skin – but…

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