Oct 30, 2019
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Automata Raid Lets You Dress as 2B, Even if Play a Dude

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Today Square Enix released update 5.1 in Final Fantasy XIV, and it includes the first episode of the “YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse” raid tying-in with NieR: Automata.

The raid titled “The Copied Factory” has some spiffy rewards for those who complete it, and one in particular is rather special.

I think it was pretty safe to assume that the raid series would have allowed players to dress as the super-popular NieR: Automata heroine YoRHa 2B at some point, and indeed it does.

The fun part is that it lets everyone dress like her, regardless of gender.

Below you can see the prized costume on a female character (courtesy of my friend Esmeraude Diamandis from the Cactuar server) and on a male character (courtesy of Reddit user OmegaAvenger_HD).

It’s worth mentioning that the outfit is not functional equipment. That is still provided among the raid’s rewards, but it’s different.

2B’s costume is intended for what Final Fantasy XIV defines a “glamor,” cosmetic equipment the…

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