Oct 30, 2019
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Epic Games teases Ghoul Trooper return

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Fortnite fans have been asking for the Ghoul Trooper skin to return to the item shop for almost two years. That time may finally be here.

The Fortnite Ghoul Trooper skin is one of the last OG skins in the game. Epic has re-released almost all of their original skins, save for the Renegade Raider and the Ghoul Trooper.

Everyone who bought the Ghoul Trooper two years ago wants it to stay that way. Almost everyone else wants to see the Ghoul Trooper return to the shop. Epic brought the Skull Trooper back last Halloween, so most fans assumed they’d bring us the Ghoul Trooper this year.

These assumptions were further validated when data miners found a new variant for the Ghoul Trooper in the game files. Owners of the Ghoul Trooper would be awarded this updated style:

Credit: @ShiinaBR (Twitter)

Fans started responding to every Fortnite Tweet, “Release the Ghoul Trooper,” once this variant was found. It seemed like only a matter of time before Epic finally relented and gave us the Ghoul…

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