Oct 21, 2019
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5 Dormant Capcom Franchises That Should Be Revived

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In a recent report from Capcom, the company president, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, spoke on how Capcom plans on utilizing some of their dormant properties. He didn’t mention specific franchises, but that hasn’t stopped us thinking about what games we would love to see make a comeback.

Here are five dormant Capcom franchises that should be revived.

Viewtiful Joe

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Viewtiful Joe was an excellent and super-stylized 2D beat ’em up title that was developed by the team over at Clover.

That studio is now gone but some of the key members of the team went on to create PlatinumGames, another studio known for their top-notch combat in games such as Bayonetta and Astral Chain.

We haven’t seen a new Viewtiful Joe game in forever and there’s honestly no other franchise like it. You were able to pull off sick VFX powers that would allow Joe to slow down time, speed up time, and even replay and record attacks to do three hits in a row.

All of the bosses in the game were brimming with personality,…

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