Oct 4, 2019
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Pokemon Sword and Shield Won’t Have 18 Gyms

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The Pokemon Company clarifies that each version will have eight Gyms.

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Recently, Game Informer reported that Pokemon Sword and Shield would have 18 types of gyms, divided into major and minor leagues. This led to the assumption that there would be 18 gyms in total to play through. The Pokemon Company has since reached out to the publication and confirmed that each game will have eight gyms in the story.

“In the Galar region, Pokémon Gym Battles are popular sporting events, and the 18 different types of Gyms that exist in Galar contribute to the background setting of the story in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. In each game, Trainers must collect eight Gym Badges to complete the Gym Challenge and earn the opportunity to participate in the Champion Cup.

“Over the course of the main story, Trainers will challenge eight Gyms, which are all in the Major League. Which…

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