Nov 4, 2019
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All Afterparty Easter Eggs You Need to Check Out

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Afterparty features one of the most unique versions of Hell that has ever been depicted in media, mirroring a millennial society more than a place of torture.

Night School Studio has been sure to include plenty of Easter eggs to reflect this unique setting, ranging from drink names to items that can be seen in the background of scenes.

Here are all of the Easter eggs we’ve found so far in Afterparty.

Greg Hardy Jersey

afterparty, greg hardy

When you head upstairs and around the perspective-bending loop that leads to Satan’s room, sports fans will see a familiar jersey hanging up on the wall.

Framed on the wall is a navy blue, metallic silver jersey number 76, a reference to notorious former Dallas Cowboy’s and current MMA fighter, Greg Hardy. He was found guilty of assaulting an ex-girlfriend and sentenced to 18 months probation.

Social Media

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Social Media’s grasp on the…

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