Nov 9, 2019
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Modern Warfare’s R9-0 Shotgun is “The Next 725”

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Have you played Shoot House 24/7 after it was added to Modern Warfare’s game mode cycle? Well, if you haven’t, I would personally discourage you from doing so because you will be disappointed by the new types of Shotguns that are joining the play. It’s not only the 725 that is a viable Shotgun, not anymore.

First of all, let me explain that this piece of opinion does not have anything to do with the other game modes. I mean, Shoot House 24/7 is the new Shotgun shelter, based on its size and environment. You cannot cross the whole map without meeting any opponent, and most of the time, you will be stomped and shut down by an opponent (probably using either the 725 or the R9-0 Shotgun).

The 725 struggles after the Weapon Tuning update, but it is still a compelling option at close to mid-range fights. While, the R9-0 has more shells and an easier to deal recoil, which suits very well in the Shoot House 24/7. With the right attachments, the R9-0 continues what the 725 left…

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