Nov 22, 2019
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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Shenmue 3

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Continue the Story of Ryo’s Revenge

Story has always been a major component of the Shenmue games, and Shenmue 3 is absolutely no different. While the story is a slow-burn, you’re still continuing Ryo’s quest to get revenge on his father’s killer, Lan Di.

This time you start in the quaint Chinese village of Bailu, quite a different locale for Shenmue. There’s plenty of drama and mystery to the story, but the real star is the relationship between Ryo and Shenhua.

Shenhua was a character that we only met at the tail-end of Shenmue 2, but it’s great to see more and learn more about her.

Each night you go back to Shenhua’s house you can talk to her, in turn learning more about her and about Ryo himself.

If you have any fond memories of the first two Shenmue games at all, the story of Shenmue 3 is worth seeing. If you haven’t it’s still worth trying as long as you know what kind of game it is going in.

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