Nov 21, 2019
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Borderlands 3 Is Going Free To Play This Weekend

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If you’ve yet to jump into the lootin’ shootin’ world of Borderlands 3 then you might want to clear your weekend, because it’s going to be free to play on console. Hooray!

Announced during the recent The Borderlands Show, you’ll be able to take advantage of the game for absolute free. It gets even better though, as the “weekend” actually runs from Thursday, November 21 (today) until November 24, meaning you’re actually able to get a lot of play time in.

Credit: Gearbox

Available for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers, the free to play weekend is expected to see a lot more people log in to the mega-successful shooter.

For Xbox players who decide they’re just as much in love with Borderlands as we are, some sweet discounts will be available should you want to add the game to your library.

Credit: Microsoft

Every version of Borderlands 3 on the Xbox store will see a 33% off discount, thanks to Black Friday. That includes the Super Deluxe Edition, which also…

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