Nov 26, 2019
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Disco Elysium Review – Voices In Your Head

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Disco Elysium on PC

In one very specific way, Disco Elysium is one of the most relatable video games I’ve ever played. Its main character — a detective focused on solving a murder mystery — and I couldn’t be any more different, but there’s a distinctly human element to the way he’s been written, which is the crux or what makes Disco Elysium feel so grounded and bleakly real.

The game opens in the grand city of Revachol, in a district called Martinaise. You’re an unnamed detective who’s just woken up from a wicked hangover, and you’ve no idea what your name is, what your past was like, or what you’re even supposed to do. A quick chat with the first few NPCs you come across will reveal that you’re actually a detective, and your job is to investigate the corpse in the backyard of the hotel you’re staying at and find the perpetrator.

Disco Elysium has all the makings and elements you’d expect of a CRPG, but without the bloat of a combat system. Everything in…

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