Nov 11, 2019
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Fallen Order Reviews To Be Concealed Until Launch

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Electronic Arts are on a somewhat secretive and pesky move with their upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order title, which is set to launch very soon. With the title being this close to launch, EA has decided to conceal the reviews until the proper launch occurs. With that said, there will be no initial input on the game itself, which could lead to a slight decrease in pre-orders.

This move is confirmed by other various gaming review media outlets, which confirm EA’s decision in concealing the review boxes until proper launch. That would represent the subtraction of EA’s unnatural behavior for not sending review keys to media outlets.

OpenCritic also holds a countdown timer to the event upon which the reviews will become visible. Nothing before that will be published, and surprises may contribute along as the gameplay experience shapes. The galaxy adventure won’t be spoiled, nor praised in advance.

This may lead to a tremendous or disappointing result both for Respawn…

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