Nov 7, 2019
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Modern Warfare Weapon Tuning Update Incoming

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Infinity Ward has announced that a need for further weapon thing has been brought up to their attention. Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise, especially since we have the 725 Shotgun, which is pretty much one shot at close to mid-range. But, why is the M4 among the nerf potentials?

A lot of frustrations have already raised regarding the potential M4 nerf. But, since the beginning of the game and the blueprint that is given to the players at a low account level, they have a stomping power in their hands that doesn’t correlate well with the account level. The M4 blueprint grants access to high-level attachments to further adjust your weapon performance.

Well, based on our knowledge, the M4 is also packing a devastating punch power. The victim is usually finding a rough time to respond because of the aim punch. Being shot by an M4 is not a pleasant feeling, and we believe that after the upcoming nerf, the M13 (my personal favorite) will become one of the best choices.

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