Nov 28, 2019
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Stadia’s Buddy Passes For Founder’s Starting To Roll Out

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Google’s Stadia launch hasn’t seemed to go too well, at least from the looks of things. Google has been on the defensive about things like overheating as well as why the resolution and framerate isn’t exactly what people are expecting. Not too mention, the launch had a lot of delayed features, but at least some of that is starting to trickle in.

With a blog post, Google has announced that now Founder’s Edition users can start getting their Buddy Passes that was originally going to be there for launch. You can get the pass through the Stadia app and gift friends. The Buddy Pass will allow your friends to try out Stadia Pro free of charge for three months.

Stadia Pro does not require you to have the Stadia controller like the regular Stadia does. You can also take advantage of the free games with Destiny 2 and Samurai Shodown this month and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Farming Simulator 19 for December. Those of us who are alone and friendless in this…

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