Dec 6, 2019
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Life Is Strange 2 Review

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Life Is Strange 2 on PS4

“Every artist is fucking unique, Sean. We all bring something different to the world.” That’s a little quote from Jean, one of the characters you’ll meet in Life Is Strange 2’s final episode.

Out of every line of dialog uttered throughout the course of Life Is Strange 2’s five episode and roughly 12-hour duration, this one stuck with me the most. To me, it’s a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark and depressing world. Everywhere you look, there’s inequality, rampant racism or xenophobia, and an intolerance for anything that’s considered ‘different.’ Life Is Strange 2 tackles these issues head-on, and reminds us that every single person is wholly unique, and has something of value to contribute. It’s a reminder we should be celebrating diversity, rather than segregating ourselves and building walls, and that the younger generation need to be, and are, the ones leading this movement.

The Life Is Strange series has always focused on the…

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