Dec 10, 2019
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DualShock 5 Might Let You Share Controls With Others

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In the past months, there have been several reports about features that could possibly make their way into the new DualShock 5 controller. You can now add one more potential feature to that growing list.

Sony has been spotted (via LetsGoDigital) to have patented a new method that allows multiple players to control a single in-game character with their own DualShock 5 controllers. Sony looks to be gunning for added interactive and social features with PlayStation 5 and this recently published patent does just that by essentially turning a single-player experience into multiplayer.

Based on the attached images, a DualShock 5 controller can be split into three portions to be used by three players. The first player, for example, will be assigned the joysticks; the second player can use the control buttons and the third player gets the triggers. Taking a first-person shooter as a likely scenario, the three players can divide gameplay among…

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