Dec 11, 2019
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Pokemon Masters Christmas Rosa Event Coming to the Game

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The promised Pokemon Masters Christmas Rosa Sync Pair isn’t going to only bring a touch of the holiday season to the game via a new banner. The game’s official Twitter account has confirmed she’ll have her very own Story Event too. It will kick off soon in December 2019.

The Rosa’s Party Pokemon Masters event stars Rosa, Delibird, Siebold, and Octillery. Given the season, Rosa wants to gather everyone together and throw a party to remember. But she needs a little help to develop the skills necessary for a proper celebration. Fortunately, the Kalos Elite Four member Siebold is a renowned chef and, throughout this event, will have Rosa working alongside him.

Both Rosa and Siebold are part of updates first teased in November 2019. Seasonal Exclusive Scout A and B have both begun in the game and will run until December 31, 2019. The former lets people try to get Rosa and her Delibird companion, while the latter gives you a chance to add Siebold and his Octillery to your ranks.


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