Dec 12, 2019
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PUBG Gets Bloodiest Update Yet

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It’s time for the blood to flow.


The original battle royale shooter, PUBG, may not quite have the same kind of mindshare as Fortnite (or at least it seems), but the game still has a strong userbase and gets regular updates. Today it got a new update, and while it may not change a whole lot of the core experience it does get an extra dose of the red stuff.

The latest update, 5.3, will bring blood, lots of blood. So much blood you won’t believe it. The new blood splatter system makes it where shooting an enemies head and neck will result in an effect of blood splashing, red spots where parts of the body have been shot, and blood will even splatter on walls and floors. That means the matches will have plenty of the red stuff. You can also upload your games setting and you’ll no longer get locked crates when using BP. But you know, there’s also a lot of blood. You can…

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