Dec 25, 2019
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Pokemon Tower Battle Drops onto Facebook

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A new Pokemon game has been released, but it might not be exactly what people expected. Pokemon Tower Battle, a take on the Animal Tower Battle mobile game from Yuta Yabuzaki, is now available via Facebook. It is available in English and immediately playable worldwide. 

Pokemon Tower Battle is a free-to-play, competitive game you can play against friends or random players. People take turns being randomly assigned Pokemon and dropping them on a platform. You only get 20 seconds to drop a character, and it is possible to rotate the Pokemon on your turn.

Your goal is to try and keep the stack growing and balanced. The person who causes the tower to collapse and at least one creature to fall off of the floating landmass is the loser. Each match only lasts a few minutes.

Here’s the official gameplay video showing exactly how a Pokemon Tower Battle Facebook match works.

While Pokemon Tower Battle is a free-to-play game, there are occasional ads that pop up. Also, people could earn or…

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