Dec 26, 2019
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Understanding the Princess Maker Go Go Princess Board Game

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It is something of a miracle that Princess Maker Go! Go! Princess was even localized. Years ago, the localization of an ordinary numbered installment would not only have been improbable, but impossible. Now one of its spin-offs somehow managed to appear everywhere. But people might wonder what is going on. What even is it? It might not be enough saying, “This is a Princess Maker board game.”

That is a good place to start. Princess Maker Go! Go! Princess is the Princess Maker board game. More specifically, it is a sugoroku game along the lines of Super Mario Party or Wii Party’s Board Game Island. You have a set, colorful map with objectives that change once one person reaches them for the first time. In place of minigames, you have event on spaces where your princess candidate could pay to attend a class and boost stats, work at a job to earn money and increase stats, battle an enemy or other princess, purchase items, or reduce stress.

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This means that there is a lot of racing…

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