Dec 23, 2019
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Digimon Survive Interview Talks About Partner Digimon and More

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Digimon Survive is going to give people a chance to go on a new sort of journey with Digimon, one where the stakes might feel a bit higher on a personal level. To help give people a better idea of what to expect, what the partner Digimon are like, how the story will be shaped and its music, Siliconera caught up with Producer Habu Kazumasa to talk about tactically surviving in a world alongside a digital monster friend.

Siliconera: Part of Digimon Survive is going to be how humans misidentified Digimon as yokai in the past. How will this be hinted at in the story and could you provide an example of one Digimon that might be shown as a possible “inspiration” for a notable yokai?

Habu Kazumasa: The question “What is Digimon?” is one of the themes for this title. Digimon have been depicted in many products and animated shows/films, but some of the settings have differed slightly in each work. That is because interpretations of Digimon differ from creator to creator. For instance,…

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