Dec 12, 2019
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Fortnite leak points to new Annual Pass for 2020

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Fortnite data miners have found an Annual Pass embedded in the v11.30 game files. Here are all of the details we have.

The Fortnite v11.30 is the biggest update in all of Chapter 2. We finally have a new POI, some new and returning items, and a renewed excitement for the game.

Of course, an update this large is bound to spring a few leaks. We saw a long list of unreleased cosmetics and holiday variants come out of the patch, along with some unannounced changes that the community is still looking through.

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One of the leaks found in the v11.30 game files was the presence of a new Annual Pass. According to @iFirteMonkey on Twitter, this pass will work like a Season Pass from other games. Buying it will grant you access to a year’s worth of content.

You’ll be able to pay once and receive all of the Battle Passes through 2020. The Annual Pass will also include some exclusive skins – at least one of which was cast aside in one of the recent community votes.

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